Struggling artist, a myth or a verdict? The truth is, being an artist is a valid career. As long as you are in full control of it, you can live a fulfilling life AND earn a decent income from making art. Join MAMM Academy now and I GUARANTEE you will have a breakthrough in both showing and selling your art.

Go from:I’m exhausted and demotivated. Looks like I’ll have to stick with my day job for now

To:I just upgraded my studio using proceeds from the sales of my artworks! It feels amazing! Finally making art is my full time job!


  • ART WORLD. Getting a “helicopter view” of the art world in order to place yourself correctly in it.
  • ART MARKET. Understanding the art market, its main players and the rules of the game. 
  • ART CAREER PARADIGMS. Learn examples of famous artist careers. Which one is yours?
  • MINDSET. Deconstructing common myths. Mindset coaching: finding and countering your limiting beliefs.
  • ORGANISING YOUR WORK. Organising your studio and time management for more quality in your art creating process. 
  • GETTING YOURSELF OUT THERE. Main ways and rules of presenting yourself to the art world. Creating a valid CV, bio, artist statement and other self-presentation documents.
  • PRICING YOUR ART. Strategies of pricing your art in a sustainable way.
  • WHERE TO SELL YOUR ART. Overview of all the channels of selling art from art galleries to hotels and healthcare industry.
  • YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE. Social media strategies, web design, do’s and don'ts of selling art online.
  • MAIN TRENDS IN THE ART WORLD. Learning main trends and theories of the important and prise-winning art of today to keep your art relevant and up to date.


Make Art Make Money (MAMM) Academy is designed for artists at all levels, from established artists who seek to relaunch their career and gain access to important art institutions, exhibitions and fairs to young and mid career artists who are establishing a presence in the art world and need the guidance in creating self representation tools and forming an active network in the art world.


The MAKE ART MAKE MONEY academy is a journey that you will be taking in the course of 2 months. You will be provided with practical exercises that will help you look at your career with more clarity. You will also be coached to enter an effective mindset in order to go out there with confidence and kill it in the art world!

Register today and I'll also send you my Million Dollar Database template for Free. It will be your go-to tool for creating the money-making network in the art world. The regular price of the template is $100. You get it for FREE by signing up to the academy today!


• 8 big seminars with 2 years access
• 30+ academic hours
+ all the course materials

Professional Editing for your bio and artist statement. 

Natalia will personally edit your CV, artist statement and bio, so you can stand out from the crowd and make a great impression. (Value: $500)

One-on-one session with Natalia. 

Free 1.5 hours private consultation with an expert of the industry. (Value: $300)

Legal agreements templates. 

Artist-gallery consignment and representation agreements, exhibition agreements and more. (Value: $250)



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 30+ academic hours of learning material
• Practical assignments

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